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Vancouver, Washington, United States

SVN - Imbrie Realty – Vancouver


We’re looking for ambitious, self-disciplined, and engaging candidates to join our expanding Portland, Oregon based brokerage firm.


Who We Are


Our business includes sales, leasing, and landlord/tenant representation for office, industrial, retail, multi-family (apartments), and investment properties in Oregon and Washington. We have assembled a group of best in class staff, management leaders, and senior level Advisors.


Culture is also something that sets us apart from other brokerages. We know when to work hard and when to have fun.  Teamwork and integrity are also the ethos of our organization and core belief. When you make a decision on where to associate your name and your reputation, it is crucial to know how the group’s makeup will impact your life. It can elevate your name and career or it will impede it.


What You Get


  • We designed our training & mentorship to accelerate your success. Candidates who are coachable, persistent and want to learn will thrive.  Sales or real estate experience is highly preferred, but not a requirement.

  • A time-tested 40 + year history of local experience. Best practices that speed up your development.

  • A collaborative network of over 1,400 Advisors in 190 + SVN offices throughout the country that work together to do more deals.

  • Work/ Life Balance. More time for you.

  • A real estate market that is now officially on the map in the eyes of institutional and private capital investors. More financial success for you.

  • Optimistic growth forecasts in jobs, wages, market activity and stability. Less risk in your career.

  • An office culture that is built on trust, teamwork, and work ethic that makes every one of us better. You get a chance to play an integral role as part of something bigger than one individual.


What You Need


The ideal candidate has mental & emotional durability – the “grit” & tenacious drive to overcome adversity. You’re going to be challenged to work & live out of that clichéd comfort zone in order to achieve a healthy income in this industry.  If you are driven and entrepreneurial the following skill sets will help you succeed:


  • Clarity of Why, Discipline of How, Consistency of What.

  • Ability to find problems. Then go solve them.

  • Commit to that process of building long-term relationships.  Make yourself unforgettable.

  • Master Your Market. Capture and organize seemingly intangible knowledge and communicate it so that it helps clients.  

  • Ability to make effective, valuable presentations.  

  • Don’t be afraid to stand out.



  • A Bachelor's degree (BA/BS) from a four-year college or university.

  • You’ll need to earn a Real Estate License in the states of Oregon & Washington ASAP but not for the first conversation.

  • Knowledge of financial terms and principles appropriate to conduct basic financial analysis.

  • The unusual blend of communication skills, a strong organizational preference & a knack for analytical details.



How to Apply


Do some research on Commercial Real Estate Brokerage & share with us your story. Your “Why.” What is it about you that makes you a good fit? What is it that YOU bring to the table that no one else can? Please submit your carefully crafted resume, well thought out cover letter and professional references by clicking emailing

p.s.   Very few people can clearly articulate Why they do what they do. No matter what you do, your Why is what inspires you to take the actions that bring you fulfillment and lasting happiness.

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