Multifamily Redevelopment Land
St.Helens Townhomes
Cornelius Village
Taco Bell - Alabama
Dollar General - Rogue River
Hillsboro West
Arthur Murray Studio
Millbrook Terrace
Willow Bend
Tractor Supply
Cove 13 Apartments
624 Couch St
Valvoline - Milwaukie
Albany Land
Advanced Auto Parts
Goodwill-Planet Fitness
Greenhouse Square
Nyberg Retail Center
Union Manor Apartments
Java Lounge
Hillcrest View Apartments
Fourth Street Medical Center
Orchards Market Center
Viking Village
17440 E Burnside St.
Jackson Creek
Westfal Apartments
7131 N Maryland Ave
Salem Retail Center
Evergreen Park Apartments
West Main at The Park
Baker Street Square
Hidden Pines
Woodburn Retail
Burnside Plaza
AutoZone Strip Center
Waterfront Townhouses
North Main Village
Sycamore Towers
Benton Village
Trails End Marketplace
Bridgeport Retail Center
Raleigh Heights
Creekside Four
Sunset Oaks
Oil Can Henry's
Universal Center
Family Dollar
Kaysville Commons
Sun West
1745 16th St
Cape Lee Apartments

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Burnside Plaza

Portland, Oregon $1,700,000